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Wood, Boykin, Wolter P.C.

Clean & Simplified Goes A Long Way


The scope of the Wood, Boykin, Wolter P.C. project was to plan, design, build and implement a new website that would increase the law firm’s market potential and improve their brand image. In addition to the website renovation, the firm also requested a revision to their current logo to match the new style and color palette.

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Wood, Boykin, Wolter P.C. is a law firm in Corpus Christi, TX. They assist a variety of businesses, governmental entities, and individuals with various legal needs. Rebranding Wood, Boykin, & Wolter P.C.’s firm proved to be a daunting task. The firm of more than 60 years needed a new message and an entirely revamped look without stepping too far away from their roots. Conceptually, the process began with an approach focused on simplicity and ended with a clean, minimalistic, aesthetic appeal.

When they reached out to us, their website was still living in the early 90's.
Wood Boykin Wolter Old Website

After a bit of tweaking and a whole lot of love, the final product resulted in a mobile-friendly, SEO driven website with an entirely new look, fresh typography and a website that better fit the client’s needs overall.
New Wood, Boykin, Wolter, PC Website

Potential clients needed to find information quickly. This meant the information about the firm’s services and attorneys needed to be clearly organized and readily available. We chose to go with a simple grid layout for multiple reasons, but primarily for its responsive and organizational qualities.


Since the revamp and relaunch of WBW P.C.'s website, they have seen and increase of 62% from last year. They are staying busy and we are proud of the results.