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Building awareness of singles and album in the lead up to release, through PR and creative promotions. Increasing Ram Danesse's profile online and take him into new areas thereby increasing his reach and
engaging through; exciting content, PR and creative digital marketing activities.

Re-affirming the strength of his live performance ability and diversity through well-positioned sessions. As the campaign further evolves, involve engaging promotions that excite the growing fan-base and help to build it further. Tap into Ram’s interests over and above the music.

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Through PR initiatives we retained existing key supporters of Ram Danesses whilst also introducing him to wider media outlets, in order to broaden his appeal. This was spanned from: Interviews, sessions, remix premieres, reviews (single, album and live), playlists, style features, video features, competitions and exclusive content creation and placements.

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Created and distributed unique content, used both as a PR asset and enabling us to initiate a talking point online and most importantly something fans wanted to share. From remixes, exclusive competitions, sessions, and videos. Set up bespoke marketing initiatives and brand tie-ins in order to go far beyond the remit of online PR and engage with music fans who may not ordinarily sit on music websites / blogs.

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Fan engagement through social led promotions such as the Facebook tab competition with Shopify and Facebook screen takeover driving video views and click throughs to his official website. This allowed us to tap into networks and social reach going outside and beyond the standard reach of online PR.

During the course of the campaign John was also offered a number of huge brand opportunities through our network of contacts, unfortunately this didn’t come to be.