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Stimulating Awareness to a Global Epidemic


Create an emotionally driven, campaign-focused video to highlight the the MJO® Foundation and the fatherless epidemic.

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Majesty Outdoors is creating life change for fatherless children through Christ, Mentorship & The Great Outdoors. To drive interest in the US audience, Foster Design Co. was asked to create a message that helped convey the passion of the outdoors and inspire its fans to act.

Majesty Outdoors

We brought a fresh color palette and custom elements to allow for consistent communication across the board. Our work included key messaging, guidelines, marketing materials, office branding, storytelling, social media management, video production, photography, web design and strategic creative support for the show & its foundation.

Majesty Outdoors


With a singular brand story powered by bright, high-energy photography, a custom font & unique design elements, we ignited Majesty Outdoors® from within all the way out to the show's passionate core fan base, increasing donations and participation in their mentorship program.