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Waypoint Marine

Turning Custom Into "CONVERSION"


Develop a custom web application that streamlines custom boat sales, increases conversion rates and facilitates an interactive platform.

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As a successful reseller of Shoalwater Boats, Waypoint Marine had aspirations of building a web application that facilitated the sales process and educated their customer base. In addition, Foster Design Co. was challenged with developing an interactive user experience and optimizing it for mobile (which would pose many UX hurdles and hinder their average conversion rate.) The team's goal was to prove that a well-developed web application would not only streamline the sales process but additionally, it would educate customers and increase sales overall.

• The design and implementation of an effective interactive UX that ensured mobile friendliness.
• Optimization of the direct to consumer workflow for both mobile and desktop.
• Ensure the UX design was both lightweight and effective.


Since the drop of, Waypoint Marine has seen:
• Sales increase of 43%
• Efficiencies in CPC, CPM relative to benchmarks